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New Board of Directors

23 May 2022

At Triona’s Annual General Meeting, a new Board of Directors was elected. Lars Harrysson remains as chairman and Lennart L. Hane continues as a board member. The following were elected as board members. 

  • Karin Burgaz who today combines her role in leadership and organizational development with her board duties. Karin has from her board positions, roles, and customer assignments, experience from many different industries and companies at different stages. In her board positions she contributes with her expertise in leadership, and company culture combined with strategic and value-added growth. She has more than 15 years’ experience of board membership from companies in different growth stages: start-ups, large established growth companies, and holding companies. Karin is currently on the board in several industries such as manufacturing, IT delivery, SaaS, finance, and specialized consulting. 
  • Jan Karlander who between 2000 and 2012 worked in his family-owned company Agda Lön AB, an IT company which supplied the salary and HRM system Agda PS. Since 2012 Jan has been working in his own investment company Extrico Holding AB, Triona’s second largest owner. Extrico Holding AB invests primarily in small IT companies with a large percentage of recurring revenues. Jan has also worked with real estate in his own company Staget Fastigheter AB. 
  • Pär Olsson works as a Senior Advisor Mega Projects at Skanska Sverige AB. He has many years of experience in the subcontracting, building and construction industries. A true leader with experience of keeping a focus on sustainable profitability when establishing, leading, and working in international organizations where employees with different backgrounds, competence, and characteristics work together successfully. 

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