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New TNE version released

31 January 2019

December 2018 saw the release of TNE version 3.4 which included new functionality to expand TNE with increased support for management of the transport network on several levels, increased possibilities for more efficient integration as well as improved segmentation.

There is now increased support in TNE for management of the transport network on several levels of detail with a relationship between the levels. On a high level a route between two places can be described as a link and on a more detailed level the same route can be described with several links (journey sections). It’s now possible to configure the mapping of different events between various detail levels. The first customer to use this functionality is the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The possibilities for efficient integration have increased considerably through the use of a so-called Warehouse. Results from analyses and processing with TNE can now be stored more easily in a general database for further usage and processing. SDC will make use of this feature in its Krönta vägval” service.

Finally, segmentation has been improved and now handles simultaneous properties which are linked to the roadway. An example is registering of a multi-vehicle collision at a single point consisting of a list of car, truck, and bus vehicle types. The Swedish Transport Administration will among other things use this new functionality in their road data analyses.

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