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Frame agreement with Atlas Logistik for TRACS Flow

24 June 2019

Triona has signed a frame agreement with Atlas Logistik relating to its TRACS Flow product. The delivery and deployment is planned for Autumn 2019.

Atlas Logistik (Allmänna Transport och LogistikAlliansen i Skandinavien AB) consists of the following companies:

  • Lastbilscentralen i Tvåstad AB (Centralen)
  • Foria AB
  • Fraktkedjan Väst AB
  • m4 gruppen AB
  • Sundfrakt AB

By choosing TRACS Flow these companies will get a modern, user-friendly platform which allows them to digitalize their workflows, from contract/order processing, operational planning and management, and monitoring. The system has been designed for easy configuration allowing it to be tailored to each company’s individual needs and processes. For Atlas Logistik’s companies, with several different types of operations, the solution fits well. With TRACS Flow they get a solution which supports people working out in the field as well as in the office, at the same time as interaction with customers and other interested parties can take place via a web interface.

First to deploy TRACS Flow are Centralen and Sundfrakt.

For Triona this means an important step in the development towards our long-term goal, to be a leading and reliable supplier of innovative IT solutions within logistics- and infrastructure-oriented operations.

“Autumn will be characterized by an intensive period of TRACS Flow development. Much of the functionality that Atlas Logistics is requesting already exists in TRACS Flow but there are also areas which will need to be developed. This will make TRACS Flow a stronger product, which will benefit all our customers and partners.” Thomas Höjsgaard

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