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Triona now member of BEAst

28 August 2019

BEAst works with producing standards and services for electronic information exchange aimed at reducing costs for actors in and connected to the construction sector. Triona has for some time worked actively in other areas to contribute to the development of associated standards and IT solutions. Becoming a member of BEAst is therefore a right and natural step for Triona.

Triona has customers that commission construction projects and carry out contracts and transport services in connection with these. Triona also have products which the same customers use. By being a member of BEAst Triona hopes to contribute to the development of standards and more quickly implement support for them in their products and their customers’ IT solutions. This will lead to simpler and more efficient information exchange between actors working in the construction sector.

An example where we already have support for BEAst is our TRACS Flow product and during the spring we have taken further steps to enable an increased use of BEAst. We will also add additional functionality for BEAst in TRACS Flow in versions planned for the coming year.