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Triona releases new version of Lasset

8 April 2019

Triona’s cloud-based service for procurement and load booking, Lasset, was upgraded in February/March. Among the most important news are increased possibilities to manage and follow up delivery times, reporting for the follow-up of aggregated total distance travelled (basis for environmental reporting), and support for suppliers to create sustainable workflows, etc.

For our clients the need for Track & Trace and the option to give accurate notifications to the client’s customers/goods receiver are increasingly important. Lasset’s approach to this challenge has for a long time been to allow our goods receivers access to Lasset. This gives the goods receivers an overview of incoming deliveries, and also the option to set up email notifications. To further add value functionality has been added to require supplier to give planned unloading dates/times for loads and for suppliers to report back and update these planned times through the whole process.

Sustainability is an important focus both for Lasset’s actors and Triona. In this release we have added a report for clients where they can follow up aggregated total transport distance during a particular time period, both totals and per agreement route. This type of data forms the basis for all environmental reporting and will be supplemented with emission values for the routes which are booked via Lasset.

Another important aspect for sustainability is to give suppliers the tools to create sustainable workflows. To facilitate this, suppliers have the possibility to see matching flows which are in close proximity to the locations in the actual procurement, both among other ongoing procurements and also existing agreements in Lasset. Based on this technology we plan to let suppliers in upcoming releases proximity match their other workflows (which are not procured and booked in Lasset) with ongoing procurements in Lasset

An evaluation of the supplier’s sustainability profile can additionally be used as input data in a quality assessment which can then together with price and other quality factors be used so that clients can use sustainability as a parameter when selecting suppliers.

We see Lasset as an important enabler for clients and suppliers being able to work towards a more sustainable transportation.

In addition to the above functionality we have added, among other things, the management of specific requirements for agreement routes, increased functionality on the start page (dashboard), management of time periods for calculating quality points when ranking, the option for terminals to print out container specifications, extension of integration contracts, and mobile application enhancements (Lasset mobile), etc.

LASSET is a cloud-based service which links clients, suppliers, and other operators in the supply chain and supports among other things processes for procurement and transport order placements for road, rail, container, and machine transport. The service is built on contractual relationships between partners and information sharing between involved parties. Lasset is updated with new functionality around four times a year. The next update is planned for May 2019.