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Triona tests ITS Station

17 October 2016

On 23 September, Triona with Vision Tech and Aventi conducted a full-scale system test of a ITS station in Grillstadtunneln. Later this fall, we have planned similar tests in Väretunneln and a test route of the E39 Øysand.

The aim of the project has been to communicate between the tunnel and the vehicle via a standard platform. The solution makes it possible to use sensors in vehicles, that through ITS stations can communicate with operations staff, IT systems, traffic control centers and other users.

Important milestones for the project were:

  • Describe the desired functionality for an ITS station for tunnels
  • Implement a common platform for an ITS station
  • Implement an ITS station for vehicles
  • Implement an ITS station for roadsides
  • Implement an ITS station for traffic control centers
  • Collect and analyze data, including notifications of stakeholders at events

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