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Triona launches C-Load, previously Lasset

18 September 2019

Lasset was set up with the aim of streamlining transportation for the forest industry and all actors involved in the delivery chain, from industry to customer. The streamlining is made possible through the digital transformation of both procurements and transport orders and transparently sharing relevant information between all actors involved in the delivery chain.

Lasset was launched in 2012 in close cooperation with SCA. Today Lasset is a complete service that simplifies clients’ procurements and orders for road, rail, and container (sea) transport, making it easier for transport companies to get assignments. Shippers’ customers also get better information by being able to see when a load to their destination is planned for pickup and when it is loaded. We’ve recently added functionality to make information available to other actors in the delivery chain, such as terminals and docks. Hundreds of loads are booked every day and around 20 clients and more than 300 transport companies use Lasset.

But Lasset will continue to be developed! We are convinced that Lasset can contribute to logistics being even more streamlined and by doing that contribute to more sustainable transportation.

To optimize logistics, from choosing the right type of transport and the most optimal route etc. we need access to accurate and updated information. This information also needs to be shared between actors in the delivery chain so the right choices can be made during planning and implementation.

Lasset is already used today far beyond Sweden’s borders – by clients in England, China, and France among others and by transport companies all over Europe. Containers booked via Lasset are loaded daily on boats to a number of destinations round the world.

Internationally the name “Lasset” is not completely optimal. So to support us in our journey to further develop Lasset towards our goal – Lasset is the market-leading service for transport bookings in Europe – the time has now come for Lasset to be renamed – C-Load

C as in Cloud, Community, Collaboration, and Communication and Load as in Load.

How do we want to see C-Load?

We want C-Load to be a service which:

  • Streamlines our clients’ work with procurements, orders, and monitoring of transport.
  • Helps involved actors to optimize transport flows and automate matching between transport needs and available transport capacity.
  • Creates benefits for all interested parties & actors in the transport delivery chain such as clients, transport companies, docks, goods recipients, terminals etc.
  • Is intuitive and easy to use for all.
  • Is easy to integrate with other systems so that manual transactions can be minimized for increased efficiency.
  • Makes it possible to have procurements which rate both quality parameters and price in a balanced and transparent way.
  • Makes it easy to rate and reward sustainable transport alternatives.
  • Is dependable. Accessibility and reliability for the service is high.

C-Load shall offer the best possible transport at any given time.

We look forward to further developing C-Load together with current and future users. We believe this will be a continued exciting and developing journey which is timely given the challenges society faces and with the technology we now have access to.