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New releases of TRACS Flow

15 March 2022

Two new versions of TRACS Flow were released during Fall 2021. The next releases are planned for May and November 2022.

In the new releases we have added functionality to the mobile, office, and web clients. The new functionality will benefit several types of users such as transport planners, hauliers, and suppliers.

Release highlights:

  • A new add-on module (Facility Catalog) which supports recurrent visits and maintenance on fixed facilities as manholes. The integration of a facility catalog with order planning and execution in the mobile client will enable sludge processing companies to plan and perform their maintenance.
  • A new add-on module (Route) which will give logistics companies much better support for e.g., planning and loading of vehicles with many stops during their planned route.
  • In later releases we plan to completely integrate existing functionality for package, route and stop optimizations, and notifications with the Route add-on will enable advanced support for distribution and transport logistics with e.g., last mile notification.
  • Supplier self-service for adding and updating driver data and adding/removing equipment for their own resources.

Further improvements include a more dynamic and color-coded handling of resource status, clearer notifications in the app and a possibility to see the next order in the resource list.