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Emissions report for 2021

17 November 2022

Triona’s Emissions report for 2021 is now ready. As in previous years, we report according to the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol within scopes 1, 2, and 3. We can again see that transports account for the largest part of the carbon footprint from Triona’s business. Our main sustainability focus is to develop our products with the goal of facilitating our customers’ sustainability work.

As an IT supplier we have an important role in helping our customers reduce their emissions. We do this both by developing our products with the goal of facilitating our customers’ sustainability work, and also in specific customer assignments. An example of the results we have achieved: Triona’s distance calculation service has been upgraded with functionality to calculate the CO2 emissions for a particular route. Another example is that we have made it possible to use eco-drive support for bus operators who today have a mixed fleet of buses with electric- and fossil-free motors (e.g. HVO and gas). This results in drivers being trained in sustainable driving, regardless of which type of vehicle they drive. The fact that we report our emissions according to the GHG protocol helps us to follow the development in and learn more about the climate area. It also gives us a good view of our carbon footprint and the possibility to influence our emissions.

As in 2020 the pandemic has greatly affected the 2021 carbon footprint. We see this from several perspectives. On one hand we believe in face-to-face meetings which require long or short journeys. On the other hand, it shows the benefits of digitalization on efficiency and sustainability. As in so many other things it is about finding the balance between the positive effects of physical meetings and digitalization. Business and commuting journeys are a focus area in our internal sustainability work.