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Triona improves Åland’s ferry traffic

25 April 2019

Triona has won a pilot project for ferry traffic in Åland’s archipelago. In the pilot Triona will focus on developing a web-based cloud solution which aims to increase the utilization rate for the ferry lines while also significantly improving the user experience for passengers.

Ferry traffic on Åland has long been affected by a perceived disparity between capacity and demand. Booking status shows some crossings as being fully booked although they are not. In the pilot project the booking process will be complemented with a queue system when overbooking, combined with a notification feature where passengers confirm their booking on high-demand crossings.

The pilot will be carried out with agile methodology and modern web and cloud technology in order to ensure a smooth and continuous development. The project is being carried out by Triona employees from both sides of Sea of Åland (Sweden and Finland) in collaboration with the government of Åland.