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OpenTNF-library is released

30 October 2017

Triona has now released OpenTNF-library as OpenSource. This library is a reference implementation for the OpenTNF standard, developed in cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration, Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Trimble.

OpenTNF builds on the INSPIRE specification for Transport network ( and is realized using the OGC GeoPackage specification ( The overall goal for OpenTNF is to create a flexible, open and effective solution for managing and sharing large datasets for transport networks.

In order to contribute to this goal and facilitate the implementation in diffrent kinds of software at other organizations and software vendors Triona has now released an OpenTNF software library as OpenSource, see This library is a reference implementation for the OpenTNF standard. The library can be used to read and write OpenTNF data from and to a SQLite file database.

OpenTNF can be used for integration and standardized data exchange between different kinds of software and organizations. In the deliveries of the ANDA system to Swedish Transport Administration, Trase to BaneNOR and waterway data to the Norwegian Coastal Administration OpenTNF is used to integrate Trimble Novapoint with the platform Transport Network Engine (TNE) from Triona.