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New TRE version

10 January 2019

A new version of Triona’s Transport Routing Engine (TRE) is ready for release. New functionality in this version includes additional options for fetching traffic information and real-time travel times from external sources. This further improves the likelihood of making correct route choices and therefore being able to streamline operations.

A new version of TRE with many exciting news has now been released for the CarRouter and BikeRouter modules. Some of the major changes are described below:

  • Realtime information from HERE
    TRE CarRouter can now fetch, process, and publish global traffic information and real-time travel times from HERE’s API. This allows for more intelligent route choices and more efficient routes by avoiding closed roads and roads with slow traffic.
  • Extended support for running on several data sets
    TRE can already automatically merge/combine several different types of data set for seamless routing over data boundaries. Now we have extended the functionality further to be able to better support cases where there is a need to use several OpenStreetMap data sets to route over a specific set of countries.
  • Dynamic updating of charges for road tolls and timetables for ferries
    TRE now also includes the possibility to automatically update applicable charges for road tolls in Norway. The data is fetched directly from the Norwegian National Road Database API. At the same time we have added the option for TRE to automatically update links to ferry timetables directly from Entur in Norway. Both these functions will be put into operation by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration – Statens Vegvesen as part of their route planning service.
  • Denmark in the distance calculation service
    There will be an update to the distance calculation service during January. The update will include Denmark in the coverage area as well as adding functions for reverse geocoding (from coordinate to address).

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