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Swedish transport administration selects TNE for its geo data update tool

2 May 2022

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has chosen TNE as its platform to create a new technical solution for NVDB (the national road database). This means that Trafikverket will also use the TNE Editor module to manage geo data stored in NVDB.

Trafikverket have used Triona’s TNE product for many years to manage road and railroad data. There is now ongoing work at Trafikverket to replace the technical platform for NVDB. Trafikverket selected TNE as its platform for the new technical solution and started work which will result in the new solution being in place during 2023. In the new solution Triona’s web-based geo data update tool will be used by Trafikverket for managing, editing, and ensuring integrity of the NVDB data.

TNE Editor, one of the product’s modules is a powerful and user-friendly cloud service for general editing of transport network and related information (properties). TNE Editor supports among other things updating the Swedish NVDB properties and automatic check in of deliveries to the Swedish NVDB. Triona has been working with Sokigo in the municipal market since 2020 and many municipalities currently use TNE as the geo data update tool for their municipal NVDB road networks. TNE is approved by Trafikverket for automatic updates to the Swedish NVDB.

TNE is a powerful and open platform that can be customized and deployed locally but can also be offered as a cloud service. Integration with SINUS and our new TNE Editor offers further exciting possibilities for new use cases at among other things municipalities for example in conjunction with data capture.

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