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Triona Releases TNE Version 3.2

20 October 2017

Version 3.2 of Triona’s Transport Network Engine (TNE™) is now released. The first customer to use the new version is the Norwegian state-owned company Bane NOR who are responsible for the Norwegian national railway infrastructure. Bane NOR are currently developing a new platform for the management of traffic-related track information.

TNE 3.2 contains several new features and improvements. For instance, there are new capabilities for integration with other systems. Via the new feature “TNE Agent”, external applications can be easily integrated with TNE in an effective and user-friendly way. The new module “Generate Feature Service” creates new and exciting options for data capture and bulk loading of objects from different types of data sources.

Support has been added in TNE’s segmentation module for the OpenTNF format as well as new functionality to better meet the requirements identified when analyzing traffic accidents. There are also improved tools in the TNE Studio User Interface (UI) for users and administrators to manage, among other things, permissions and subscriptions.

Transport Network Engine (TNE) is a software platform that manages network and network connectivity information for plant, permits, configuration, regulations, and usage. For example, tunnels, lighting, guardrails, track gauge, waterway navigational aids, signs, signals, and culverts. TNE enables companies and organizations in the infrastructure, transport, and logistics sectors to better manage road, rail and waterway network data. It also enables sectors such as automotive and insurance to manage related road, rail, or shipping activities

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