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TRACS Flow goes live at Centralen and Foria

23 March 2022

In Spring 2019, Triona signed a frame agreement with Allmänna Transport och Logistik Alliansen i Skandinavien AB (ATLAS-gruppen) for its TRACS Flow product. TRACS Flow is a user-friendly and modern platform accelerating digital transformation of order management from agreement and order processing to planning, execution, and monitoring. The third and fourth phases of the deployment project at ATLAS Gruppen have now been successfully concluded.

Centralen launched TRACS Flow in October 2021 and Foria in February 2022.

“Due to deploying TRACS Flow we now have a modern system in place with many good functions that have helped us streamline our processes” – Niklas Blom, CEO Centralen.

This has also resulted in a much better overview and control of the system which enables them to give their customers and hauliers a better service.

As a part of the deployment projects, two new TRACS Flow modules were released:

Facility Catalogue – a module that supports recurrent visits and maintenance on fixed structures such as manholes. This will enable Centralen to handle their sludge processing in TRACS Flow.

Route – a module which will give extended logistics support and Foria will be the first user. The module enables much better support for loading of vehicles and control of deliveries to multiple destinations on the planned route. Later, the combination of the Route module and existing module Kolli will provide even better possibilities for logistics.

Like other customers in the ATLAS group, Centralen and Foria have contributed to the development of TRACS Flow through new views and perspectives. Through the deployment both Centralen and Foria now have a modern system that can be developed to accelerate more effective and continued digital transformation during the near future.

“After using TRACS Flow for a short time, we are now getting used to the new business system which we believe is user-friendly. We are pleased and we can also see a great potential in TRACS Flow developing into a secure, sustainable, and long-term traffic management system” - Anna Gustavsson, Manager Business Support, Foria.

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