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VSV and Unite Logistics select TRACS Flow

8 September 2022

Unite Logistics AB, part of the VSV Frakt Group, is a logistics company for everything forestry related. The company was founded in 1968 because the forest industry was looking at more efficient timber transportation.

This means specifically that the company on behalf of their customers harvest forest, handle timber and wood chip transports and work with biofuel. In total, 250 larger and smaller companies make up VSV/Unite Group. This also means more than 650 people in total offer resources in form of trucks, machinery, and of course also strong forestry competence.

Triona and VSV have worked together for more than 15 years, and we are very excited that we have now jointly found new areas where Triona can help VSV further develop their business. VSV/Unite Logistics have selected TRACS Flow for their wood chip business.

“VSV Frakt AB’s aim was a more efficient and future-proof wood chip transportation on behalf of their subsidiary Unite Logistics AB. We selected Triona’s logistics system TRACS Flow which we believe offers the required functionality. In addition, Triona has set out a plan for the adaptation to Biometria’s system change to “VIOL3” as this was very important for us. We have had a long and rewarding cooperation with Triona and are confident with them as a supplier.”

Leena Möckelind/Project Manager

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