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C-Load modernization

18 August 2022

C-Load will celebrate its tenth anniversary later in 2022 and large volumes of transports are booked using the service. To address both existing and new customers’ requirements also over the next 10 years, we recently put a strong focus on modernizing the service using modern technology and an updated user interface.

C-Load supports the transport booking process which consists of four different stages: procurement, order, execution, and follow-up/invoice audit.


During last year we released four new C-Load versions as a part of an incremental modernization effort of the service. “Start procurement” is now a separate process and is simplified, with support for easier handling and enhanced filtering on the specific routes to be procured. Agreement routes can be tagged and efficiently handled in groups. The estimate of number of loads during the next procurement period can be easily based on historical data and the procurement can be saved as a draft and finalized at a later stage. The supplier sustainability survey in the service can be used as one selection criteria for which suppliers can be invited to a procurement.

The complete load list and all included functionality for load bookings has been completely redesigned. This applies to both the web and mobile based load lists. The module containing all operational tasks for order and execution has apart from a new design also got many new features based on customer feedback. Our focus has been to simplify the tasks related to working with one or multiple simultaneous loads.

In close cooperation with one of our clients, we developed support for “time slots” in C-Load. Initially this support will handle bulk flows. The driver receives a link via SMS and can easily book and have an overview of his time slots. Transport managers can, using the graphical presentation of the time slot booking get a clear overview of the day’s loadings. This solution will make loading more efficient because loading can be prepared in advance and thus avoid queues.

C-Load includes many standard reports which give the user excellent possibilities for tracking their business. The reports have been redesigned using modern web technology and now provide even better support for handling larger data sets and flexible structuring of data which making it even easier for users to analyse statistics from different perspectives. Also, the possibilities to follow the delivery process has been further improved by adding KPIs e.g., loading within an agreed timeframe.

The last services modules are scheduled for update during fall 2022 resulting in the whole core workflow being based on modern technology. This will allow for new opportunities to develop C-Load further in order to address new customer requirements.

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