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New version of TRACS Flow

18 June 2019

A new version of TRACS Flow was launched last week with the next versions planned for February and May 2020.

The new version (2.10) includes a number of enhancements and fixes in the desktop client, mobile solution, and web portal. The most important feature in this release is that TRACS Flow’s finance module has been completed which considerably increases the business support which TRACS Flow gives. As a consequence of this the web portal has updated functionality for suppliers and hauliers.

The finance module comprises functionality which supports work with invoicing and self-billing. This means that information needed for invoicing and self-billing, as well as the creation of supporting documentation can be managed in TRACS Flow. There is also the option to manage monies which are deducted from the self-billing.  Using queries one can also get historical information and preliminary future self-billing transactions. To facilitate the transport managers’ work and account distribution in their finance systems there are also rules to manage accounting records and dimensions.

In the web portal the areas used by suppliers and hauliers has been enhanced to give more information and better self-service in terms of information about fees and deductions. This will make further digitalization possible even in this area.

The notification service has been enhanced with email notifications if a certificate or agreement is about to expire. The notification feature has also been improved and new functionality is planned in the upcoming versions.

In total the rate of development for the product has increased significantly during the last six months and will continue at the same rate during 2020, where the major focus will be further logistic support in the form of shared transport routes, package management, vacuum truck assignments and a more complete support for BEAst.

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