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Navigation app to Keolis

16 January 2017

Keolis have chosen Triona as the supplier of a navigation app that will be used to simplify the training of bus drivers. The navigation app will give the drivers access to views of and information about the tours that is planned. The navigation app will be based on a vehicle adapted android platform, developed by the company Fleetech which is partly owned by Triona.

The training of new drivers is an extensive activity within Keolis, who employs approximately 500 drivers each year. To support this training Keolis has decided to develop a map-based application that is installed in the vehicles and will be used by Keolis drivers. Triona has been contracted to deliver this application.

By the navigation app the driver will receive information about the tour/departure as the driver will run. In the map-based interface in the navigation app the driver will see how the selected line goes and times of the different stops. This support the drivers and makes it easier to run lines they are not used to drive. In the long term, the idea is that the driver will also be given instructions on temporary changes and information about traffic disruptions.

A map service used by the navigation app is included in the project. Additional services developed by Triona will include the new map service in the near future.

In this project Keolis also has chosen Fleetech, partly owned by Triona, as its supplier of the automotive custom Android platform that the navigation app will be based upon. By Triona and Fleetech's long association and both companies niche competencies we together have very good prerequisites to deliver a great solution to Keolis. Fleetechs android platform simplifies the development of applications and enable Keolis to a rationally manage the system over time through its built-in functionality for monitoring, security and updates, etc.

The project is scheduled for delivery in the spring of 2017, followed by a pilot installation conducted by Keolis.