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Triona launches New Version of TRACS Flow

14 June 2017

TRACS Flow is being continuously developed and Triona launched a new version in April.

TRACS Flow is a Traffic and Order Management system which supports business processes in the transport and construction sectors. Features include contract and order processing, operational planning, operational management, and monitoring. The TRACS Flow software has been designed for easy configuration allowing it to be tailored to each company’s individual needs and processes. TRACS Flow is packed with functionality. For example, dynamic pricing using different contract and pricing list types, resource status management, maps, tracking, issue management, rental management, container management, reoccuring orders etc.

TRACS Flow can be used by many different user groups. The office user group for example gives transport managers a powerful tool packed with functionality. They have an operational overview which simplifies the work. Customers and suppliers have access to targeted information in the system via an Internet Portal. For users in the field there is a mobile application with direct access to the TRACS Flow system.

New in this version includes features for order sharing, co-taxation, distribution, credit reports/checks, geofencing, barcode scanning, mobile positioning and some minor improvements.

The next version of TRACS Flow is planned for release in October 2017. 

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