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New version of Lasset

7 January 2019

Triona’s cloud service for procurement and load booking, Lasset, was upgraded in December to a new version. Among the most important news is the possibility to unload all freight flows using the mobile client without any specific installation for the carrier/driver, a new start page with a process overview as well as the addition of parameters to be used for quality calculations.

Because more and more freight flows require accurate and direct feedback of deliveries made to freight customers we have enhanced Lasset mobile with functionality for mobile unloading without the need to login. The initial solution for mobile unloading has been tested in a pilot during last Summer and Fall with a client and a small number of suppliers and this has worked very well. Now we are launching the solution for all Lasset actors.

The solution is based on a flexible web application for mobile clients and also has support for scanning of bar codes to make the driver’s work as easy as possible. The solution also saves the geo-positioning for the unloading. For carriers who want to, the possibility has been extended to report back “unloaded” status via integration (API) to also include geo-position so that other similar vehicle/driver solutions can be chosen for those who want to.

In Lasset, procurements for the upcoming agreement period are done with a large number of suppliers per route. Submitted tenders can be ranked based on price and quality related measurements. Clients can analyze incoming tenders for each route using several ranking criteria and by using all these aspects they can find the best supplier for their business. The result of the analysis forms the basis for a proposal which shows the suppliers and the allocated ranking they will be assigned for agreements on the respective route. Unloading via Lasset mobile unloading is seen by our clients as an important parameter in the total delivery quality. This parameter has therefore been added to the quality model and can be weighted together with other quality parameters. To work transparently with quality measurements has shown to be a very effective way for suppliers and clients to jointly influence the total delivery quality over time.

In this new Lasset version the menu structure has been changed with the aim of making the service even more easy to work with. In addition, there is a Lasset start page with a dashboard showing the different stages of the load process. There is also direct access from the start page to the latest news which is sent out from Team Lasset to Lasset users.

Besides the above, the service is also enhanced with a new report for suppliers (delivery quality), mail notifications to terminals and ports, improvements when renewing agreements, enhanced management of notes when submitting tenders etc.

During 2019 great emphasis will be placed on sustainability aspects in Lasset, primarily by expanding the quality model, which is used for the rankings, with direct sustainability measurements. Today the normal sustainability criteria are defined in the respective clients’ terms of agreement, but when it is a part of the quality model the client and supplier will be able to drive the development towards more sustainable transport solutions.

LASSET is a cloud-based service which links clients, suppliers, and other operators in the supply chain and supports among other things processes for procurement and transport order placements for road, rail, container, and machine transport. The service is built on contractual relationships between partners and information sharing between involved parties. Lasset is updated with new functionality around four times a year. The next update is planned for March 2019.

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