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Web portal for rail-related services

13 August 2019

The European Rail Facilities Portal, which Triona was responsible for developing, was released at the beginning of July 2019.

Prior to the release, Triona presented the solution together with other consortium partners (HaCon, UIRR, UIC, IBS, and SGKV). The invitees were a large group of interested parties from the transport sector invited by the EU commission – more than 50 different companies and organizations from all over Europe. There were many positive reactions. As a leading member of the client group put it:

”Being an engineer myself originally, I have to say I'm really positively impressed by the tool and how it functions."

The portal currently contains limited information about ca 5000 rail-related services (everything from large container terminals to companies delivering single services. The expectation is that the information will increase significantly when the portal operations officially start up.

The entire logistics sector will be able to use the portal for planning of transport assignments. For suppliers of rail-related services the portal will be a “display window” where they can exhibit their services. The portal is also intended for use by other interested parties. One example is “regulatory bodies”, The Swedish Transport Agency, who will be able to use the portal to support their work in controlling compliance of the best practices which the EU has created for publishing of information around rail-related services.

The project has been carried out in a successful cooperation between both commercial and non-commercial partners. Triona’s involvement in the project is completely in line with its goal to deliver innovative IT solutions within logistics and infrastructure-oriented operations.