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BussAkuten gets better control

29 October 2019

BussAkuten is a business area within Merresor AB. The business area’s operations consist of providing replacement vehicles to transport companies, e.g. order, plan, and coordinate transport for BussAkuten’s various customer when their own transport does not arrive, is delayed, or arrives at the wrong destination. To follow up transport and create a base for reimbursement requires a reliable positioning solution.

Triona has developed a solution, based on BussAkuten’s requirements, where they offer BussAkuten’s suppliers a robust GPS-device which is easy to fit. Positioning data is sent from the buses to a cloud-based solution developed by Triona and from where BussAkuten can then fetch the positioning data to their own transport management system. BussAkuten has control and in turn can give their customers better information.