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Triona helps transport companies reduce their CO2 emissions

5 September 2022

Increasing demands on transport and logistics companies to reduce their transportation carbon footprint leads to requirements on better follow up and development of their sustainability efforts. As an IT supplier we have an important role to play in helping our customers reduce their greenhouse emissions. We therefore develop our products with the goal of facilitating our customers’ sustainability work. The distance calculation service has therefore been further developed and now includes functionality to calculate CO2 emissions per route.

The emissions model, which is based on international research, includes the most important parameters we can measure with required accuracy. These parameters are the route distance, type of fuel, the road curviness and elevation, the vehicle’s speed and total weight. Also included is data regarding greenhouse emissions for fuel which is calculated yearly by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten).

Last winter the greenhouse emission model was implemented in TRE which is the calculation engine in the distance calculation service. Now it is possible to calculate CO2 emissions in addition to distance and time. Already in the transport planning phase, the emission calculation in the service makes it possible to calculate a route’s carbon footprint. The service can also be used as a basis for carbon footprint reporting of completed transports.