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Triona Signs Contract with City of Stockholm

19 June 2017

The City of Stockholm’s Environmental Administration has signed a contract with Triona regarding an assignment to adapt an Internet web portal. “We are very pleased to once again be chosen to work with the Environmental Administration, especially as there were extremely high requirements for specialist competence in, amongst others, geographic information system (GIS) in the tender process.” 

The contract includes extensive work with GIS as a common theme with new development, improvements, complementing of existing IT services being some of the stages. The assignment will use an agile approach and the contract will run for just over two years with an option for extension.

The Environmental Administration has previously developed the Miljödata system, a storage environment with related web application which is currently used internally in the Environmental Administration. The main aim of the assignment is to adapt the Miljödata Internet web portal which is part of a larger project. The Environmental Administration will lead the project but a focus group with representatives from several other administrations will also be included in the project organization.

Map-based, environmental data from the Environmental Administration, the City Planning Office, the Development Office as well as the Country Administrative Board is readily available via the Miljödata’s Internet web portal. The Miljödata’s storage environment is even replicated for external access via Open data such as map and IT services. In addition, a public version of the Miljödata’s Internet web portal will be prepared and be accessible via the City’s website