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Triona Releases TNE Version 3.1

14 August 2017

Central to the new features in version 3.1 of Triona Network Engine (TNE™), released in spring 2017, is a new module TNE Studio. TNE Studio is a web based tool which allows the management of background jobs which are run and can be scheduled on the server platform. New in TNE 3.1 is also increased compatibility with Oracle’s database management system.

The first customer to use the new module in TNE studio is the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) - Kystverket. They use TNE Studio to manage the waterway network as well as integrations between TNE and other platforms. Skogsbrukets Datacentral (SDC) uses more parts of TNE 3.1 together with Triona Routing Engine (TRE) for amongst other things route calculations for timber transportation. SDC have achieved noticeable performance improvements in version 3.1.

Transport Network Engine (TNE) is a software platform that manages network and network connectivity information for plant, permits, configuration, regulations, and usage. For example, tunnels, lighting, guardrails, track gauge, waterway navigational aids, signs, signals, and culverts. TNE enables companies and organizations in the infrastructure, transport, and logistics sectors to better manage road, rail and waterway network data. It also enables sectors such as automotive and insurance to manage related road, rail, or shipping activities.

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