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Triona partners with Drive Sweden

1 April 2019

Drive Sweden is a strategic innovation program (SIP) which was started on an initiative by the Swedish Government. The program is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Research Council Formas, and VINNOVA the Swedish Innovation Energy. Drive Sweden is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park and Triona has now become a partner.

For Triona the cooperation/collaboration is expected to develop in line with the driving forces we saw when establishing our business in Gothenburg. We can both contribute and acquire new valuable knowledge through cooperation with e.g. the automotive industry. Triona believe this can contribute to the development of its existing products and offer ideas for new products, primarily related to telematics and ITS/C-ITS.

The background to Drive Sweden was established a few years ago when the Swedish government established a new instrument to address areas with huge potential for sustainable community solutions and at the same time require close cooperation among several stakeholders who otherwise wouldn’t have much in common. Both these criteria apply perfectly to the opportunities and challenges with the next generation mobility system for people and goods, and in 2015 Drive Sweden as one of seventeen such Strategic Innovation Programs, (SIPs) was awarded a contract to address this area. Drive Sweden is currently in its third year of an expected 12 years, and with considerable governmental co-funding behind it.