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Triona enable fully automated live broadcasts

22 November 2019

Triona has been a long-time development and operational partner to LiveArena Broadcast AB for their Microsoft Azure based software platform. During Spring both the Norwegian and Swedish ice hockey associations signed agreements with LiveArena and their partner SH Television AB to enable fully automated live hockey broadcasts based on LiveArena’s concept “Broadast Arena”, an AI based technology. To make this possible Triona also contributed to the financing to implement the concept in 30 ice hockey arenas in Norway.

The new technology means that no human involvement is needed in the production and will result in the arenas being able to broadcast and record all youth and junior hockey matches. This with the aim of:

  • Increasing interest among players and relatives
  • Increasing interest for the sport in general and as a result increased participation
  • Increasing player safety
  • Creating new opportunities for training and analytics

“It is really cool to be able to provide hockey at all levels from under 14 and above. It is an important step for both Ice Hockey’s development and also in further increasing interest for ice hockey in Norway. With the help of the new AI based technology we will also be able to increase our service and accessibility with less effort from the ice hockey associations, a step in the right direction and comes at the right time. It’s also good from a safety point of view that all matches are recorded”, said Kristoffer Holm, Norwegian Ice Hockey Association.

From Triona’s point of view we see it as extra positive that our contribution to this can even lead to more gender equality in the sport so it’s not only top-level men’s hockey that gets broadcast time. This service will mean that other levels of men’s and women’s hockey can also be broadcast live.  That we then manage the underlying Azure based software platform, which a result gets more use means that we can continue to develop our competence within Azure and Media. We see several new interesting possibilities where among other things AI can be used for image analysis even in areas which relate to Triona’s core business, infrastructure, and logistics.