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Fleetech joins ITxPT

10 June 2019

Fleetech has been a member of the ITxPT (Open IT architecture for Public Transport) organization since November 2018. ITxPT’s goal is to eliminate barriers between different public transport IT systems by providing a number of open standards for interoperable IT architecture.

Buses in general have IT systems from several different suppliers and each supplier typically uses their own proprietary solution. This has resulted in many solutions lacking common standards which has made it difficult to integrate the different on-board systems with each other, both for hardware and software. ITxPT has therefore defined a framework for services in a vehicle and how they shall be integrated.

Fleetech’s latest version of FleetControl has been developed to be ITxPT compatible. An example application is a large project in Stockholm where the on-board platform is based on FleetControl and communication with other partners’ systems takes place via ITxPT standards.

Work is now ongoing to be ITxPT certified both for hardware and software.