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Triona and Scandinavian Logistics Launch cooperation

6 November 2017

Scandinavian Logistics (Scanlog), an independent Swedish-owned logistics company, and Triona have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim to develop new IT-based logistics and transport service offerings.

The new services will be offered to the companies’ existing customers and will also attract new customers. The services will contribute to increased sustainability in the logistics sector from both an environmental perspective and an economical and quality perspective by reducing transaction costs, increasing capacity utilization, and increasing transparency in the value chain.

 “Digitalization of the logistics sector is well and truly here and this creates fantastic possibilities for us to help our customers increase cost effectiveness in their logistics flow in an even better way, at the same time unleashing our employees’ creativity and time to enhance human relationships”, commented Scanlog’s co-founder and chairman Mathias Wideroth, continuing, “ It’s therefore with great pleasure that Triona, who is a leading supplier of innovative IT-solutions within logistics has chosen to start a collaborative venture with Scanlog and I look forward to seeing the first concrete results very shortly.”

 “Triona’s excellence within system development and its operational expertise within logistics, transport, and infrastructure has given us many customers from industrial- and contractor-companies”, says Triona’s CEO and joint owner Mats Bayard, continuing, “Through this cooperation we can benefit from Scanlog’s logistical competence in the continued development of our own advanced transport logistic systems, for instance our order and procurement service Lasset. The cooperation is expected to lead to a diversification of the system’s use and scope. The collaboration with Scanlog ensures that, at the same time, we get a partner who is at the forefront of digitalization within transport logistics. It will be exciting to see the next steps.”

Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB – Scanlog are a fully independent Swedish-owned logistics company focused on international and global transport solutions for all transportation modes; air, sea, road, and rail. In partnership with customers, suppliers, and employees Scanlog provides sustainable logistics solutions characterized by a greater commitment, responsibility and reliability. Scanlog has ca. 40 employees located in 4 offices in Sweden, has a turnover of ca. SEK 350 million and was recently nominated to “Gasellföretag 2017” by the Dagens Industri newspaper.

Triona is a technology company offering innovative products and services which simplify the workflow of data, goods, energy, and people. By never tying ourselves in to a predetermined plan and continually adapting to our environment we can deliver long-term solutions which create development and growth in the logistics and infrastructure-related businesses. In addition, we contribute to creating a smarter, more effective, and humane world. Triona has offices in Finland, Norway and Sweden, has a turnover of ca. SEK 150 million, and has about 140 employees.

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