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Eriwood selects Timber by Pinja

3 November 2022

Eriwood in Värnamo has selected Timber by Pinja from Triona for its new business system.

Eriwood, a traditional timber trading company in Värnamo, has selected Timber by Pinja for its new business system. Eriwood handles a total of 160,000 m3 sawn softwood annually.

The market for a new system was thoroughly evaluated by Eriwood and after a constructive process Timber by Pinja from Triona was chosen.

Eriwood who has been trading since 1925 consists of two companies Eriwood Åhlander AB and Eriwood Petersson AB. Åhlander works with several subcontractors and sells processed wood products. Petersson specializes in wholesale primarily in the Swedish and Danish markets.

Timber by Pinja will support both of Eriwood’s businesses. By utilizing the system’s support for different business levels (group structure) Åhlander can plan and follow up work with its subcontractors. The subcontractors will also have access to parts of the system so that information is continuously updated from procurement to production and delivery. Within the framework of the project a trading module will be developed which will give Petersson an effective support for its business.

“We believe that Triona has the system we require to support both of our businesses and they also have the capacity to deliver what we need. The implementation project has just started, and we already have a test environment up and running which enables us to quickly get started with the new system implementation” Jonas Åhlander, CEO Eriwood Åhlander AB.

A joint deployment project has started and the plan is that the system will be fully operational during Spring 2023.

“We are really looking forward to working with Eriwood. This is a traditional company with a modern vision and extensive knowledge of the timber industry. We are excited to be able to configure Timber by Pinja based on their way of working with subcontractors and by doing that driving efficiency for both Eriwood and their subcontractors.” Jens Werner sales manager at Triona.

Timber by Pinja is a complete business system for the forest industry with support for purchasing of raw materials, production, stock management, sales and invoicing.

Timber by Pinja is developed by the Finnish company Pinja, which Triona started a cooperation with in 2017. Timber by Pinja is used today by around 80 sawmills and other wood industries in Sweden, Finland, and the Baltics.

Triona offers Swedish timber companies a Swedish version of Timber by Pinja including deployment, support and supplemental solutions. Timber by Pinja is a modular system and suits both small companies and large groups with several units.

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