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Sandåsa Timber selects Timber by Pinja

11 May 2022

Sandåsa Timber with three facilities in Sörmland has chosen Timber by Pinja as their new ERP system. Timber by Pinja is delivered by Triona.

Sandåsa Timber is the first sawmill as well as the largest facility in Sweden that has chosen Timber by Pinja. Timber by Pinja will contribute to Sandåsa’s business from log sorting to sales, and support both sawmills and the wood processing plant in Sandåsa. Timber by Pinja can handle multiple businesses, thus enabling Sandåsa to handle internal orders and deliveries, something they are lacking today.

Sandåsa Timber AB has a wood processing facility in Sandåsa as well as sawmills in Åkers Styckebruk and in Forssjö Bruk, Katrineholm. They are a modern and well-established family-owned company going back to the 1920s.

Sandåsa Timber has thoroughly researched the market for business systems and after an extensive and constructive process during fall 2021, their choice fell on Timber by Pinja. “We can see that Triona is the right company to help us realise our vision for a new business system. Our requirements have been defined as a system built for the future, with a modern structure and organization. It is also very important for us that our new system will enable us on our digitalization journey together with the timber wholesale and building industry. We are very excited about our journey that we have now started together with Triona”, Anders Gyllengahm, CEO, Sandåsa Timber.

A joint deployment project has now started and the plan is that the first facility will go live with Timber by Pinja during fall 2022. “We are very much looking forward to working with Sandåsa Timber. They are a company with a rich heritage where traditions and a modern vision go hand in hand. The decision process has been very constructive, and we have had several rewarding meetings involving many of their very competent employees”, Jens Werner, Sales Director, Triona.

Timber by Pinja supports fact-based business decisions in all steps of the process because actual and historical data are always available and continuously updated in the system. The development of the system was and is done in close cooperation with our clients so that we can customize the system and define future requirements.

Timber by Pinja is developed by the Finnish company Pinja which Triona started a partnership with in 2017. Timber by Pinja is today used by around 50 sawmills and other wood industries in Sweden, Finland, and the Baltics. Triona offers the Swedish wood industry a localized version of the platform including deployment, integration, and support. Timber by Pinja is modular and is suitable for both smaller companies and large groups with several units.

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