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Keolis in Uppland and Gothenburg selects FleetControl

20 June 2022

Keolis are responsible for providing a complete onboard vehicle solution for UL, who are the transport authority in Uppsala County, as well as selected IT services for Västtrafik in Gothenburg. 

In both cases Keolis chose Triona’s FleetControl product to form the onboard physical core including vehicle computers such as IoT-hub and Triona’s Android-based driver display as the driver interface. 

A central so-called MQTT-broker (MQTT is an open network protocol for IoT) in the vehicle computer ensures that all sensors and systems communicate with each other in the most efficient way. Sharing data on board and even with other external systems has never been easier. 

Keolis UL.jpg

Triona’s vehicle computer also includes another supplier’s software, in a virtualized environment. Virtualization increases cost efficiency because less hardware is needed and at the same time maintaining security for our own software. FleetControl services such as integration of tachograph data to IDHA, control of intercom via the driver’s display as well as ECO-drive for all fuel types is also included in the solution delivered by Triona. 

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