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Mobile App Pilot for Oversize/Abnormal Loads at the FTA

20 December 2017

Triona has delivered a mobile application pilot solution for tracking oversize loads to the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA). The mobile app, which is targeted towards contractors working with the transport of oversize loads, allows drivers to report on the progress and status of the transport. The pilot period is just about to start. The mobile app enables on-call personnel in road traffic centers to track oversize (or overweight) load transports in (almost) real-time.

The new mobile app will help the FTA improve traffic safety and flow. Previously, drivers contacted the traffic center regularly to inform them about the stage of the transport. During the pilot, the duty to call remains, but the app will provide the traffic center personnel with the location and stage of the transport.

The app operates as an interactive communication tool between the oversize transport and the traffic center. Location information will be delivered onwards to the integrated user interface for road traffic management. The road traffic center receives (almost) real-time location information of the transport together with other transport specific data. This enables the on-call personnel to track the oversize load transports on a map.

“With this information, the road traffic center is better able to inform other road users about the special transport that may hinder traffic. At the same time, this improves the road traffic center’s awareness of the situation on the road network.”Markus Nilsson, Information Systems Specialist at the Finnish Transport Agency.

The app will also facilitate the reporting obligation of the drivers. Road safety aspects were also taken into account in the user interface design to avoid distracting the drivers and interfering with their main task, i.e. driving.

Triona Oy started operations in Espoo, Finland, in the Spring of 2017 as part of the Triona Group.