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Data delivery to ERTMS

12 September 2022

In 2018 Triona delivered a digital infrastructure solution to Bane NOR which ensures traffic- related railway network information is available within the organization. Since the delivery, Trasè has been focusing on helping Bane NOR organize fragmented infrastructure data and to report data discrepancy.

The ERMTS initiative is one of the largest projects in Norway’s railway history. The initiative aims to digitalize and automate the Norwegian railways, which will lead to large cost savings. During the ERMTS design phase, Triona’s Trasè team was contacted by the ERMTS project. The question was whether they could offer base survey data delivered in RailML format. Trasè, which is based on Triona’s product TNE, could already provide two out of four data sources required for this project.

Thanks to a combination of employees with in-depth understanding of data and railways together with technology from the TNE product, Triona’s Trasè team managed to aggregate four different project survey data sources of varying quality to consolidated infrastructure data. The project was delivered faster and with even higher quality than planned.