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Extrico and Mertiva invest in Triona

2 May 2019

Triona is privately owned and several of its employees are shareholders. There is an increasing percentage of external shareholders who are not actively employed in the group and at the end of April Extrico and Mertiva invested in Triona’s shares. The investments totaled 3.14% of the shares at a price of 28 SEK per share.

Triona’s shares are normally traded on Lista but this transaction took place independently of

“It’s gratifying that the share price for the purchase was substantially higher than the prices paid via The share liquidity has been very low during the past few year and a likely explanation is that there is a view among the current owners that the value of the shares is higher than what buyers have been willing to pay“ Mats Bayard, CEO Triona

Extrico is an investment company situated in Ängelholm whose business is long-term investments in high-growth companies with stable revenue streams.

“Triona has all the qualities we look for and we are very happy to be a future shareholder.“ Jan Karlander, CEO Extrico.

Mertiva is an investment company listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM MTF) who invest in well-managed companies with good long term prospects.

“I have been a member of Triona’s board for some time and I know the company well. It feels good therefore that Mertiva are to be a long-term shareholder in Triona.“ Håkan Blomdahl Chairman of the Board, Mertiva AB