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Digital recycling system for cable drums launched in Sweden

26 September 2022

Norwegian RS Trommelservice launched Triona’s digital recycling system for cable drums in 2020. Now the solution is about to be used by the Svensson Group in Sweden, who are ready to shelf their manual paperwork.

The Svensson group has its head office in Falkenberg Sweden, where they have been based since 1981. They have subsidiaries in France and Norway (RS Trommelservice). The Svensson group manufacture and distribute cable drums in wood, plywood, plastic, and steel. They offer a recycling service for cable drums which are then repaired and sold on or disposed of if they are in a poor condition. Customers are paid for re-saleable drums and pay a disposal charge for those drums which must be destroyed. The Svensson group is thus an important actor when it comes to making an environmental contribution.

The digital return service which Triona has developed for RS Trommelservice is used to manage the return of cable drums, and their financial recycling value. The recycling service streamlines the process for both customers and cable drum suppliers and contributes to a faster and more predictable disposal. The solution for the Svensson group will be very similar to the solution RS Trommelservice currently uses, but with a customized design and workflow support. The project is expected to give the same boost as RS Trommelservice experienced when it launched the digital recycling service in 2020 – you get an easier working day with a considerable reduction in time-consuming paperwork.